Oracle Dataguard background process

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I this post we will discuss the various background process in dataguard with this easy-to-understand explanation.

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·        What are background processes:

Background processes are the demons used by the database to perform various activities 

for example in case of dataguard below are the process that are used 


·         MRP0 (Managed Standby Recovery Process):

MRP0 coordinates the read and apply the process of redo in a physical standby database.


·         RFS (Remote File Server):

RFS is responsible for receiving the redo data, which is sent by the primary database to the standby database.


·         LSP0 (Logical Standby Coordinator Process):

 LSP0 Coordinates the SQL Apply processes, which are the mining processes and application processes.


·         LSP1 (Logical Standby Dictionary Build Process):

 LSP1 is used on the logical standby databases when a switchover or failover is in action.


·         LSP2 (Logical Standby Set Guard Process):

 LSP2 is used to operate Database Guard settings. Database Guard specifies which objects will be protected for modification in a logical standby database.


·         NSAn (Redo Transport NSA1 Process):

 NSAn is used on the primary database to ship redo data to the standby database when ASYNC mode is being used. There may be multiple NSA processes such as NSA1 and NSA2.


·         NSSn (Redo Transport NSA1 Process):

NSSn is also used on the primary database to ship redo data to the standby database. However, only when the SYNC mode is being used.


·         DMON (Data Guard Broker Monitor Process):

DMON process runs on every instance in a Data Guard broker configuration. It communicates with the local database and DMON processes of the remote databases. The broker-related requests and the monitoring information are transferred on this communication channel.


·         FSFP (Data Guard broker fast-start failover pinger process):

Is    FSFP used for the management of fast-start failover status.

Switchover status column values meaning as follows:

Not Allowed        : Primary or Standby database either its not allowed to switch-over.
Session Active     : An active SQL sessions attached to the primary or standby database that need to be disconnected before the switchover operation.
Switchover Pending : Switchover request has been received but not processed.
Switchover Latent  : Switch-over was in pending mode did not complete and went back to the primary database.
To Primary         : No active sessions present which allowed to switch over to a primary database.
To Standby         : No active sessions present which allowed to switch over to a standby database.
Recovery Needed    : Standby DB, EOR - End of redo us still not recieved .

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