OKV installation on VM

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In This Post we will discuss about how to install Configure OKV on vmware

So let's get started

What is OKV (Oracle Key Vault) :

Oracle Key Vault is a specialized software program from Oracle that handles the storage and management of encryption keys, confidential data called secrets, and digital certificates throughout an organization. Functions of Oracle Key Vault (OKV): * **Key Management:** OKV acts as a central point for managing encryption keys used by different Oracle products and third-party software, such as databases, middleware, and applications. It stores these keys securely, protecting them from unauthorized access. * **Secrets Management:** OKV also manages other sensitive information, including passwords, login credentials, API keys, and system configurations. It helps enforce security policies and ensures that this information remains confidential.

Step 1 : Create a Vm with below configrations

Step 2 : once the vm isstarted you will get the below screen , select the second option and hit enter

Step 3 : Installation will get started after this as below

Step 4 : You will be prompted for the root password , It can be give as you wish , but keep the password safe

Step 5 : on this step you will be prompted for the OKV network mode choose classic mode , I have used classic mode as i am doing on vmware you cam choose depending on your coonfig .

Step 6 : Select the network interface and click ok

Step 7 : On this step you have to provide the network IP and gateway , Note that this will be used for further login in GUI portal

Step 8 : Now the wait begins , Installtion will configure all things create OKV database etc , total time will depend on the configration of machine in my case it took around 4 hours to get complete.

Step 9 : once the database creation and all installtion is completed you will be prompted to login with root password

Step 10 : Now open the chrome browser and use the ip to get the GUI of OKV

Step 11 : on the login prompt use the root password tto get in , and the you will be promted to create 3 users (1. Key Admin , 2 System Admin , 3 Audit Admin ) and create password fopr the same . with this step your configration and installtion of OKV server will be completed .

In our next post we will cover how to manager SSH keys for database server on OKV .

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