How to generate Exawatcher report

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ExaWatcher : 

Operating system statistics can be collected by tool Exawatcher on Exadata. 

We can generate statistics reports over a certain time as user root:

The below example generates the report for the period from 09/12/2021 till 09/12/2021:

cd /opt/oracle.ExaWatcher

./ --from 09/12/2021_15:00:00 --to 09/12/2021_18:00:00 --resultdir /tmp/exawatcher_12092021

Results will be generated as the BZIP2 format in the default directory /opt/oracle.ExaWatcher/archive/ExtractedResults 

or in the directory as we mentioned in above example .

The results can be analyzed via Browser chrome / Edge / Firefox. 

You can unzip the archive, you can see different directories for the different statistics:

In the sub-directory "Charts.ExaWatcherDm01db01" you can find some html files. 

Open in the internet browser the file index.html and analyze the OS statistics via GUI:

We can see statistics in the following areas:

IOStat Summary

IOStat Detail

CPU Utilization

CPU Detail

CellSrvStat (on a Storage Cell Server)

Below is the example of output .

Folder/Files generated  : 

Cpu Utilization : 

I/O Summary : 

I/O Utilization : 


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